The African Journal of Geographical Sciences (AJGS) is a peer-review, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarly/academic journal published by the Department of Geography and Planning, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Jos , Nigeria. The AJGS is dedicated to publishing high quality original research reports in the fields of geographical research and the humanities. These include, but not restricted to, Geography, Spatial analysis, Locational Analysis, Tourism and Recreation, Economics, History, Plant Technology, Zoology, Urban and Regional Planning, Geology, Geographical Information Systems and Science, Remote Sensing, Land Surveying, Law, Conflict and Peace Studies, Demography, Political Science and Political Geography, Archeology and Geoarcheology, Soils Studies, Agricultural Sciences, Environmental Studies, Human and Veterinary Medicine, Medical Geography, Epidemiology, among others.



Prof. Nankap L. Binbol


Editor and Secretary, Editorial Board:

Dr. Leonard S. Bombom


Chairman, Journal Committee:

Prof. Christian Y. Oche


Asst. Editor and Secretary, Journal Committee:

Dr. Elijah A. Akintunde

Vol. 3 No. 1 (2022): African Journal of Geographical Sciences

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